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As fans of Vietnamese music videos become more sophisticated and selective in their choices of videos, the producers are going out of their way to ensure that they recruit the finest artists requiring that they not only be able to sing, but also demonstrate showmanship as well.

Nguyen Hung is one of those artists who brought to the music video industry a standard that all artists now have to meet. He is able to combine his talent as a professional dancer and singer to perform and choreograph in many of his appearances in Thuy Nga Productions.

Born to a family of performers, Nguyễn Từ Hưng is the youngest son of Vietnam's famous dancer/choreographer, Ánh Tuyết. In 1972, at age 17, Nguyen Hung won a gold medal in a dance competition sponsored by Tra('ng DDen newspaper. He helped his mother give ballroom dancing lessons at her studio until 1975.

Nguyen Hung did not intend to become a singer. In fact, his first love was the drums, and with his skill as a drummer, Nguyen Hung and friends formed a band called The Radiations. The band performed throughout Saigon for two years.

In the years after the fall of Saigon, Nguyen Hung continued his professional involvement with Doc Lap circus troupe, Bong Sen 2 theater group, and several nightclubs in Saigon. During this period, Nguyen Hung was often the backup vocalist for other artists. At the time, he did not have any formal training in music and voice. It was during his stint with Bong Sen 2 that Nguyen Hung was given formal music lessons by Mr. Duy Tan. Hung returned to his strength around 1982 and worked as a dance instructor.

Nguyen Hung reunited with his wife Thục Hiền in 1992 and settled in Toronto Canada. He originally planned to earn his living as a dance instructor, but it did not work out so he redirected his attention to a musical career.

In 1994, while touring in Canada, singer Phuong Hong Que met Nguyen Hung and convinced him that he will have a better chance at a singing career in Little Saigon, the Vietnamese Entertainment Capital abroad. Nguyen Hung decided to try his luck in California and while attending a party for Phi Phi's new CD with Phương Hồng Quế, Nguyen Hung was asked to sing Vết Thù Trên Lưng Ngựa Hoang and Đưa Em Vào Cõi Chết, songs that were made famous by Nguyen Hung's idols, Elvis Phuong and Thai Chau. As luck would have it, Ms. To Thuy of Thuy Nga Productions was present that March evening and quickly signed Nguyen Hung on as a regular on the Paris by Night music video series.

Nguyen Hung first appeared in Paris by Night 26. He believes that this marked the turning point of his career. He had two numbers in the video. He sang Dem Cau Nguyen and performed a medley with Ky Duyen. It was in the latter that Nguyen Hung really shined as a dynamic stage performer.

Nguyen Hung favors Lam Phuong's music as is evident in his choice to sing Say, Tiền, and Lầm. After his rendition of Lầm, Nguyen Hung solidified his place as a male vocalist and many other avenues opened up for this talented artist. To date, Nguyen Hung has performed in more than 20 videos, and completed 7 CDs. Typical of his latest work is song such as Doi Toi La Cua Toi (Paris By Night 48) where he was able to showcase his skills as a dancer and singer to create a memorable performance for the viewing public.
Nguyen Hung is a devout catholic. He claims to never go to sleep without praying. However, as far as going to church on Sunday, Nguyen Hung has had some problems in that his highly demanding schedule has prevented him from being a regular attendee.

Nguyen Hung is grateful to his wife, who is currently running the family's restaurant in Toronto. She is very supportive of his work and often gives him pointers from backstage. Although his wife rarely accompanied him on his road trips, Nguyen Hung shared that, on one occasion, while watching him perform with Ky Duyen from backstage, she told him that he needs show more affection since it was a romantic number.

Nguyen Hung is also working with his son, Nguyen Hung Long, who is already showing signs of becoming a chip of the block.

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