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Đan Trường

Full name: Dan Truong Pham
Birthday: July 3rd, 1976 Height: 1m72
Nickname: Called Bo
Family: Borther of the three younger sisters.
Best liked performance songs: Kiep ve sau, Di ve noi xa, Buoc chan le loi, Mua tren cuoc tinh
Manager: Hoang Tuan Le - Telephone: 090 736294
Music idols: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey.
Hobbies: travelling and collecting foreign CD.
Drinking, smoking: a little but not often.
Pastime: playing game, internet.
Best loved dishes: Vermicelli and Baked meat, Rice pancake folder in half, cary.
Expectations before becoming singer: businessman.
Letter received each days: about 300 from all over the country.
Letter`s content: giving pictures, making friend, asking at my sweetheart, ecomaging me in my carreer.
What`ll be said to all: I truly thanks all of you for your support. I hope to that I can to continue receive your letter of giving opinions, making friends and your sympathy because I`m so busy that I can`t respond your letters soon.
Perfum:Fahrenheit (Christian Dior)
First love: in the age of 16, but still alone for passionating only in singing.
Last love anouncement: haven`t known yet, waiting for "un coup"
Cooking ability: cooking rice ( but in electric cooking)
Frequent cafes, restaurants: used to go dancing but now I`m too busy. Having meals any hyqience and good place.
Present revenue: rather high
Reason for getting to music: want to try the voice but becoming more successful than as expected.
Difficulties in job: how to please the audience.
Difficulties in life: having more time to do more work.
Feeling of the celebrity: very glad and happy, usually smile when hearing some one said: "He`s Dan Truong!"
Life motto: "Try your best to study and work when your are young because it`s never late to be seft - indulyged"
Place of frequent performing: 126, Tropical club, Tieng to dong ...

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