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Ninh Cát Loan Châu

Loan Chau is an emerging star and a new discovery for musical director Truc Ho at Asia Productions. Her real name is Ninh The Loan Chau, however she combined her parents' first names (Cat, from her father and Loan, from her mother) to come up with the stage name Ninh Cat Loan Chau.

Loan Chau was born on September 15, 1973 in Saigon, Vietnam. She attended Doan Thi Diem elementary school and Marie Curie high school. Loan Chau came to the United States in 1991, and reunited with her family in Westminster California. Since leaving Vietnam, she misses her friends and school the most. She added, she also misses her first love(???).

Loan Chau is the only musically inclined person in her family. As she recalled, her first experience in front of an audience was around the age of six where she sang in front of her classmates. At the age of 8, Loan Chau began writing children songs to perform for her friends. Due to this unusual gift, the teachers in her school took notice and allowed her to be part of a group of children in the entertainment committee. Her other musical activities involved being a part of her church's choir since a very early age. Loan Chau fondly talks about this period as one of the most memorable part of her childhood. In 1995, four years after arriving in California, Loan Chau won top honors at a karaoke contest at Ritz night club in Orange County. In 1996, after a meeting with Truc Ho, Loan Chau signed an exclusive contract with the Asia and became one of the organization's many bright young stars. In April 1997, Loan Chau sang in her first gig in Virginia where she was paid for the first time for her singing.

Loan Chau looks to such stars as Tony Braxton, Whitney Houston, Khanh Ha, and Thai Hien for inspiration. She also looks to her audience as well as her love for music as key sources of inspiration. Loan Chau often chooses love ballads to perform while she favors listening to pop music.

To date, Loan Chau is most proud of her performance of the song "Ben Em La Bien Rong", because it was chosen to be taped for the video Asia 16. She also likes "Tango Tinh" in her new CD. Her most memorable performance to date was in her very first show in Kitchener, Canada where she fell in love with the audiences. She said, "they (the audience) were so kind and supportive, they made me feel so welcomed and cherished." She also likes Montreal Canada, where she thinks the city is very romantic.

Besides singing, Loan Chau also plays the piano and "DDa`n Tranh". She was involved in drama when she was younger, but claimed to no longer have the time nor the opportunity. However, Loan Chau added that she likes all things that relate to the arts.

Loan Chau stays in touch with her fans via Asia email, letters, and tries to stay after the shows and talk to her fans. She can be reached by conventional mail or by E-mail at Asia, or to her personal address at loanchau@hotmail.com.

Between working full time in a MIS department, training for her job, singing practices and going to shows, Loan Chau also surfs the net and regularly browses the pages of Vietscape. She also tries to make time for movies, shopping, sleeping in, reading books, and picnics. Loan Chau loves to "jet ski" and blames it on her dare devil's side. However, she has less free time now than ever to do the things that she likes.

Loan Chau other favorite past time is eating. Some of her favorite dishes are Bun Bo Hue, banh bot loc, goi cuon, bi cuon and all authentic Vietnamese dishes.

One of her goals is to be able to sing a wide range of songs to appeal to all ages. She also likes to be famous and successful and to have her own business and earn an MBA. However, Loan Chau added that she is a staunch believer in fate and destiny. For all of her ambitions, Loan claims that her family comes first before anything else.

When it comes to defining the traits of an ideal partner, Loan Chau listed: a good listener, very ambitious, look doesn't matter, someone with depth, a good communicator and a friend, someone who does not take love for granted and one who will sacrifice for love. A tall task but definitely achievable for many talented readers of this page.

The colors Loan Chau likes best are White, Black, Red and Aquamarine. Her favorite pets are: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits. She loves the Fall season the best, because it's cool and romantic. She lists Noel and Tet as her most favorite holidays. She also tries to watch Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock as they are her two favorite movie stars.

In the next 6 months, Loan Chau will be busy with recording, Ben Em La Bien Rong CD, taping 4 videos with Asia and trying not to tour more than 2 or 3 weekends out of a month, as she wants to spend more time with her family.

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