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Philip Huy

Philip Huy's real name is Nguyễn Trí Hùng. He first appeared publicly in September of 1994 in the Hollywood Night 10 video. He performed Without You - a song that would later be one of his signature song. Philip received a great deal of fans as a result of his appearance in this video. According to Philip, he seems to appeal to the younger audience. His account for this is that he is relatively young, and many of his songs are modern pop songs which appeal more to the youths.

Philip also cut his first CD with May Productions in 1994. In the CD, he performed Without You, Please Forgive Me, Xa Em Kỷ Niệm, To Love Somebody... Not long thereafter, Philip started to receive invitation to perform in various shows throughout California, and other States. He toured North America as well as Canada in his latest round in the concert circuit. His most memorable concert was in Washington DC where he received many accolades from the young fans in the audience.

Philip Huy likes food! He says, especially "Hủ Tíu", and fresh coconut juice. He likes clothes from Banana Republic, and the GAP. One of his bad habits is telling white lies. His greatest fear in life is a mean woman.

Philip Huy is a deeply religious young man. He credits his successes thus far to God and he hopes to continue to receive such blessing.

He has collaborated with Tình since Quê Hương, Tình Yêu & Tuổi Trẻ video 13. Prior to Tình, Philip appeared in Asia, Thúy Nga and To Nga videos.

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