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Lâm Nhật Tiến

Lam Nhat Tien was born on 03/09/71 in Saigon. His family came to the States and settled in southern California. Prior to pursuing a career in singing, Lam Nhat Tien earned a degree in Medical Radiology at Loma Linda University Medical Center in March of 1993. While going to school, he worked as a model for a couple of modeling agencies in Los Angeles and Orange county. After photographer Vika Nguyen introduced him to Vika Corporation, Mr Bach Dong asked Lam Nhat Tien to collaborate with Asia. Currently, this handsome young singer is learning to play the drums with Mr Truc Giang. He is also taking voice lessons at a college in Southern California.

Lam Nhat Tien is one of a few young singers who can perform songs in Vietnamese, French, English and Chinese. His first appearance in front of an audience was in Asia Video 8, "Dem Saigon at Atlantic City" where he beautifully performed the song "Quand le printemps revient". According to him, one of his most memorable experience was at the Ritz Ballroom in Houston where he performed songs in Vietnamese, French, English and Chinese. Here, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy and witness his diversified talent with such hits as Viens M'embrasser, Aline, Con mua ha, Xin con goi ten nhau etc...

Lam Nhat Tien recently enjoyed great success with Gia Huy, Nhat Quan and Johnny Dung in the CD Bai Hai Muoi. He has just released a solo album with Asia Entertainment titled Em Da Quen Mot Giong Song. He has been very active in his pursuit of the video medium, as he was featured in many of Asia's recent videos.

Lam Nhat Tien revealed that he enjoys eating. His favorite food is Tofu in "Cu Da" sauce, and he likes drinking coconut juice. To stay in shape, Lam Nhat Tien often jogs. His favorite clothing is cotton or wool clothes in brown, cream or black. He likes to watch movies and to take walks on the beach. According to Lam Nhat Tien, his biggest vices are that he loves to eat and his laugh is very loud. His greatest fear is being away from his loved ones.

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