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Phạm Quỳnh Anh

I was born in 1987. Already 21 years growing up in Belgium, studying, having fun and, most important to me, learning music!

My parents both come from Vietnam but they didn't know each other until they arrived in Belgium. I sometimes think about what my life would have been like if they had met in Vietnam. But it isn't so and I wouldn't wish my life to be different.

All the same I do know a bit about Vietnam. Cooking at home is still Vietnamese most of the time. I can understand a few words in Vietnamese and my family used to perform traditional songs and folk dances at Chinese New Year.

At the same time, I live and think more like a Belgian. For example, I like to eat chocolate (a bit more than I should...) or to have a beer with my friends.

Anyway these two cultures are integral parts of my personality. The more time goes by, the more certain I am it was destiny. And I'm also sure that singing is my way.

True, so far I've always been lucky in my career. It all began when I won a song contest on TV. I met my manager there. He guided me to my producer, who then made my duet with Marc Lavoine possible.

Then with "J'espere", I followed Marc Lavoine on tour around France, Belgium and even Switzerland. It is really incredible for a young artist to have such an experience.

But he didn't stop there and wrote me my first songs, including "Bonjour Vietnam". Actually this song already has its own story. By mistake, the unfinished version of the song got put on the internet. A few days later, Vietnamese people around the world heard "Bonjour Vietnam" and were quite touched by its message, I suppose.

Well, I hope all this will go on and lead me to other places, other people. Perhaps it will guide me to meet you... I hope so.

(Quynh Anh/Ramona Shelby)

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