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Gia Huy

Gia Huy real name is Ðặng Quốc Hùng ( He sang under his realname in Canada). He is originally from Montreal Canada where he arrived in 1991 to resettle with his family. He first sang at Chateau Du Parc night club in Montreal. On that occasion, he sang with the Phạm Mạnh Cường band performing such favorites songs as Máu Nhuộm Bãi Thượng Hải, Mười Năm Tình Cũ and Lambada.

Immediately after that first appearance. Gia Huy became quite a hit with the club going crowd of Montreal. He began to sing for local clubs such as Bistro Dore. Miss Saigon and Dem Saigon. However, Gia Huy's goal was to make a name outside of Canada and to expand his audience to other part of the world.

In 1994. He got the "break" he'd always longed for when he was introduced to the staff of Asia Productions. Upon listening to one song performed by Gia Huy. Mr. Trúc Hồ, Musical Director of Asia, and Thy Vân, the head of Asia Entertainment. agreed to sign him to an exclusive contract. According to Gia Huy, that was the happiest day of his life, as he felt a large part of his dream to become a star has come true...

He arrived in California not long thereafter to began taping for Asia Ent. Gia Huy first video appearance was in Asia 8 (1995). Ðêm Nhạc Hội where he sang Nhịp Ðiệu Tình Yêu and Under the Broadwalk ( with Lâm Nhật Tiến, Johnny Dũng and Nhật Quân). He has since made appearance in all subsequence Asia music videos.

Gia Huy has steadily built a fan base worthy of a veteran singer and he has appeared i many shows sponsored by Asia Entertainment throughout the United States and aboard. He has performed on several CDs that are among the most requested titles in stores.

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