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Trish Thùy Trang

Trish Thùy Trang's real name is Nguyễn Thùy Trang. Her American name is Trish, so she combined the two to get her stage name. Trish was born on December 15th in Saigon Vietnam. Her family moved to the United States when Trish was a child. The Nguyen's initially lived in Sugarland Texas, a suburb outside Houston until the lure of California weather became unbearable, so they moved to Westlake Village in Southern California. Trish currently calls Orange County her home.

Although Trish did not come from a family of musicians, she demonstrated her knack for music at an early age. She started piano lessons with her older sister when she was in the third grade, but stopped right before high school. About her training as a singer, Trish shared, "when I was young, I would always sing along with the radio or my mom's old albums, like Olivia Newton John and others". In school, she joined the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and it was here where she got the opportunity to sing in public for the first time.

In July of 1997, Trish took a chance by sending a demo tape to Asia Entertainment. The talent scout took notice of her potential and gave her an audition. Not long thereafter, she signed an exclusive contract with Asia. The first time she sang as a professional was in August of 1997 at Majestic night club in Huntington Beach, Ca. She has since appeared in Asia music video "Gia Tu Nam 1997" singing One and One and more recently in the video "Nho Saigon" singing a medley of Seasons In The Sun and Beautiful Sunday.

Beside her early experiences singing to old LPs, Trish claims to love all kinds of music and tries to absorb all she can to develop a unique style of her own. According to Trish, her main source of inspiration comes from her mother, Mrs. Hoai Thuong Trinh, who passed away in November of 1995. Her father, Mr. Khoi Nguyen and the rest of her family are also a source of inspiration.

Her most memorable performance was for her school's VSA after her mom's death. As she recalled, "I was really nervous, but I felt my mom was watching over me and would make everything all right. That night I sang a song called Strong Enough". As an up-and-coming new singer, Trish received many fan mails through Asia Entertainment. She is also very at home in cyberspace so she often corresponds over the net. Fans can reach her at: trishttrang@yahoo.com.

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