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Cát Tiên

Real Name: Vu Thuy Tien
Date of Birth: November 24th
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA (but was raised in Philadelphia, PA)
Family: 1 Older Brother, 1 Older Sister, 1 Younger Sister
Any pets? Yes, my cute daughter "ROCCO" and a nephew "MICO" - their all dogs not human!
Favorite Foods? Banh Canh, Canh Kho Qua and of course McDonald`s french fries.
Favorite Colors? Anything in season but right now I like Teal and Red.
Favorite Places? I love Thailand but I definitely can`t wait to go to Italy, Spain, and Paris.
I can`t think of anymore unless you ask me so anyone who has any questions feel free to email Brian and I will answer any other questions you all might have. Thank you, hopefully this is enough information for now.

Love always,

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