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Welcome sales managers...

This is the web page for our sales force. Changes are still being made daily, so please check back often for the latest information. Everything you need for a successful sales should be here. This is a work in progress, so please contact us if what you need to make your job easy, is not in this web page.

We count on all of you and your inputs, and of course your successful sales, to make this project work as we have visioned it. Thank you for joining our team.

This web page contain some company confidential. Only authorized persons with assigned login access are allowed to use this page. Please do not let anyone use your login access. Your login access will be tracked and logged every time you login.

Price List
List of Sponsors
Business Cards

Please contact Admin with any questions, comments, concerns, and anything else.


Here are some suggestions and guidelines that we all should follow. Of course, each one of us can use your own selling techniques. No matter what, we all have to keep a professional and positive attitudes towards all customers.
    Before the sales:
    • Check and make sure the business information is in our directory before going to the business establishment.
    • Enter the business information in out database if it doesn't exist. Do not go to any business that does not have information in our directory.
    • Verify that the business is already our sponsor. Only the original salesperson can go back to the business and ask for a possible upgrade to a higher sponsor plan.
    During the sales:
    • Follow-up and keep all promises. Do not make any promise until you know for sure it can be accomplished.
    • Always be polite to the customer, no matter what.
    • Why vnlisting.com?
      1. Fast and easy to use. Hence, encourage revisits from users.
      2. More businesses are being added to our directory daily.
      3. Hyperlink to their website is not available. Hence, reduce visibility to their website.
      4. Cheapest advertising available on the internet or with any publications.
      5. Their business can be search/view by anyone any where in the world, 24-hour a day.
      6. If we design their website, they will own it along with the domain name if registered. Unlike other (like VBP), the website and domain name is owned by the designer (like VBP).
    • Don't forget to ask for a store discount coupons, if even if you can't make the sales.
    • Special - If any sponsor give a store discount coupon for over two months, the sponsor will get two extra months of the same sponsorship for free.
    After the sales:
    • Verified your job order is completed on time and as ordered/promised.
    • Present/show the final product and get the sign-off from the customer.
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Price List:

    Our price list is now published online for public viewing in the "Contacts" page.
    Here is the link to our Price List.


    Feel free to print these out for your use relating to VNLISTING. We recommend these forms and images be printed in color. If you don't have access to a color printer or have any problem print these images or any items, please contact Admin.

    Work Order form
    Invoice form
    Letter Head form
    Fax form

    Below are captured images as samples for printing. For up-to-date image, please go to the web-page, as our website is being updated regularly.

    Home page:    1    2    3
    Search Results
    User Reviews/Ratings:    Post   Read
    Web-pages:    1   2  
    Scanned Business Cards:    1   2   3   4   5
    Classified Ads Pages:    1   2
    Price List
    Our Website Statistics
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List of Sponsors:

    • coming soon...
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Business Cards:

    Please contact us if you need...
    • Business Card
    • Emails
        Larry Lâm - llam@vnlisting.com
        Julie Đỗ - ngoctram@vnlisting.com
        Hiền Huỳnh - hienhuynh@vnlisting.com
        Kha Nguyễn - dongkha@vnlisting.com
        Brandon Nguyễn - haibang@vnlisting.com
        Tianny Trần - quetram@vnlisting.com

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    These are the commission for each completed, sign-off, and paid by the customer. Commission will be sent out with 48-hours after the payment is cleared. Commission MUST be returned with 48-hour if the account is canceled for any reason.
    All payment shall be made payable to VNLISTING.
    All payment must be forwarded to VNLISTING within 24-hour from the time payment is received.
    If you have some one working for you, then it's the agreement between you and your employee to share the commission.

    • Completion of any account - 33%
    • Complete web-page/website including graphics design- 33%
    • Graphics design only - 20%
    • Web design only - 13%

    The account belong to the salesperson until the contract is canceled. The salesperson automatically receive the commission if the customer renew or upgrade the contracts.
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