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The Internet is here to stay. An ever increasing number of people representing all age groups, are "login on" daily, as evidenced by the astronomical increase in bandwidth and demand for DSL, cable modem, and dial-up. These surfers are becoming increasingly reliant upon their reach through the Internet research tool; excavating a wealth of information from a simple search for telephone number as the entry point for a comprehensive research study of any business with which they may associate themselves.

At vnlisting.com, we believe that every business, whether large or small, established or boldly starting up, should be able to compete for the public's eyes and ears on an equal basis. That's why, vnlisting.com has made it easy and affordable to present your business on the Internet. At vnlisting.com, the cost for advertising is the lowest, most cost effective target for your highly selective advertising dollar.

Visit us at www.vnlisting.com and read more about why we believe that this is an opportunity for your business's exposure at the best price offered anywhere on the Internet or in the quickly thrown away traditional newspapers or magazine media.

Below is our current price list for our standard advertising and website designing packages. Our sales team will be happy to discuss and design any specific advertising plan with you in person.

So, call us today and see your ads on our website tomorrow.

Special: Do you have any special promotion? We can help design and publish your discount coupons on our website for FREE.

Ads Plans
Other Services

For more detail information, please contact us:
(408) 504-1700

Ads Plans:

    Plan A (Nickel): $60 a year or $5 a month
    • Your business name will be listed in the top "Sponsor listings" section of the search results page, where your business is included.
    • Create Hyperlink from your business name to your website.
    • If you don't have website, we will scan your business card for use as a web-page and include your office hours (No extra charge).
    • Create a Maps link to your business address.

    Plan B (Dime): $120 a year or $10 a month
    • Everything in Nickel Plan above.
    • We will create one Icon (or provided icon image) and display it randomly on the side of at least two pages on our website.
    • This Icon will give your business more exposure. Icon is no larger than 120 x 67 pixels.
    • Create Hyperlink from your business Icon to your website.
    • Add $5 per month for animated icon.

    Plan C (Quarter): $300 a year or $25 a month
    • Everything in Dime Plan above.
    • This image can a scanned image of your business card, a design image, or a picture of your choice no larger than 250 x 145 pixels.
    • This rotating image will be displayed randomly in at least two pages on our site.
    • Create Hyperlink from your business image to your website.

    Plan D (Dollar): $600 a year or $50 a month
    • Everything in Dime Plan above.
    • Your choice of a standard animated banner ads (468 x 60) or a slide show (rotating) of up to 5 images of your choice (250 x 145 pixel max) for your business.
    • Slide show of your business images will be displayed randomly on at least 2 pages.
    • Banner ads will be displayed randomly at the bottom of at least 2 pages.
    • $75 per month for top banner. $100 per month banners on both top and bottom.
    • Create Hyperlink from your banner ads or slide show images to your website.

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Other Services:

    Prices below are for your reference only. Actual prices may be difference depend on the type of services specified by you.

    • FREE : Discount coupons for your business listed on our website.
    • $50+ : Design one web-page no larger than 800 x 600 pixels.
    • $300+ : Web design with up to 5 pages without any database.
                 You provide contents and pictures (or we can take digital pictures)
    • $25+ : a month to maintain and update your website.
    • $50+ : set-up email for your business under your domain name.
                (i.e. yourname@yourdomainname.com)
    • $75/hour : Design and install networks (parts are charged separately).

    • Below are courtesy services:
    • $15 - Domain name registration for one year
    • $10 - Website hosting a month. Yearly contract required.
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    Below are links to some of our customer web pages for your references.

    Web sites:
       MHD Home Furniture    Smog Quest    CAD Explore    waappraisal.com    GSM

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    Scanned Business Cards:    1   2   3   4   5
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