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Crown Prince Bảo Long (Chữ nôm 保隆) of Vietnam (born January 4, 1936) is the head of the Nguyễn Dynasty, the now deposed Emperors of Vietnam.

Bảo Long was born at Kien-Trung Palace, Huế on January 4, 1936, to parents Emperor Bảo Đại and Empress Nam Phuong (born Marie-Therese Nguyen Huu Thi Lan) of Vietnam. On March 7, 1939, he was invested and proclaimed Crown Prince of Vietnam, the official heir to the throne in an ancient Confucian ceremony at Can-Chanh Palace, Huế, Vietnam.

In 1947, Empress Nam Phuong left Vietnam with the Crown Prince and his siblings. They lived at the Chateau Thorenz outside of Cannes, France. Crown Prince Bảo Long grew up as a devout Christian of the Roman Catholic Church, and he received his education at the Roches School in Normandy. He then went to Paris and studied law and political science to prepare him to serve in the capacity on state affairs.

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