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Vietnam_Armed_Forces_Honor_MedalThe Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal was a decoration of South Vietnam that was first created in 1953. The medal was issued in two grades and reached its height of bestowals during the years of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal was also one of the more commonly award medals to members of foreign militaries, and was frequently bestowed to members of the United States armed forces.

The Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal was awarded to any member of the military who actively contributed to the formation and organization of the Vietnamese military and who actively participating in cadre training of Vietnamese units. The Vietnam Armed Forces was awarded for non-combat service only and was comparable to the United States decoration of the Commendation Medal.

The two grades of the Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal were annotated on the medal by the coloring of the medal’s ribbon. The first class grade displayed a yellow and red pattern while the second class displayed red and yellow. The first class medal was issued to commissioned officers while the second class was bestowed upon warrant officers and enlisted personnel. In addition, the medal's medallion for the first class grade was gold while the second class was of a silver coloring.

In the modern age, the Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal is considered obsolete since the issuing government, that of South Vietnam, no longer exists. The medal is today only available through private dealers in military insignia.


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