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NCAA March Madness Release v1.0

Are you ready for NCAA championship basketball? By popular demands, I have created the March Madness squares based on my popular NFL Superbowl squares; Just time time for the 2012 Championship.

All features are similar to the NFL Superbowl squares


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NFL Superbowl Squares Release 4.1

Are you ready for championship football? With this free scripts, you can start running an NFL Super Bowl Squares for your office or group of friend in just a few minutes, provided that you have some good knowledge and access to PHP and MySQL. It's the paperless way to have fun with the traditional superbowl squares.

Features: user can select as many squares as wanted; email will send out to confirm; admin will confirm when payment is recieved. Randomly select numbers when all squares are taken. Easy admin setting for each square's bet, percentage payout per quarter....


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