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These addicting arcade games will open a new pop-up window. If you are running a pop-up blocker software, it must be disabled or bypass for these games to work.
Holding down the "Ctrl" key while selecting a game, will work for most cases.

3 Foot Ninja (7687)
This is a cool platform Ninja fighting adventure game. Three different attack moves and a range of opponents. Your aim is to defeat your enemies and collect the scrolls.
3-Foot Ninja II (3900)
The Princess has been kidnapped, defeat the evil minions to save her!
4 x 4 Rally (9162)
Extreme 4x4 on and off road racing game, Race against 4 other drivers on ice, through cities, swamps, deserts, forest etc... with score board.
A220 Mission (4003)
Fly through mountains and cave systems eliminating multiple enemies before finally destroying the Pirate Base. Fun games with good graphics and sounds.
Air Dodge (3486)
The whole aim of this game is to fly your plane through the air avoiding various obstacles, mainly hot air balloons. And to see how much distance you can cover before you do actually bump into any of these.
Alien Attack (3867)
This is a cool game. Shoot the enemies attacking your planet but be careful not to shoot your own ships flying overhead. Use your mouse to aim and left click to fire your cannon.
Allien War (3488)
A classic shoot'em up game with good sounds and graphics.
Ant City (3802)
In this game your a giant with a giant magnified glass. Your aim is to fry the people and cars until the city is destroyed.
Asteroids (4903)
This game has the same look and sound just like the real arcade game.
Bowling (729)
Introducing the best online bowling game around, laced with smooth running, eye-boggling graphics, this amazing life-like bowling game will make you a bowling pro in no time. As an added bonus the game offers a 2 player mode.
Cardet Golf 3-D (2819)
Like the miniature golf, it's much harder than it looks. Nice graphics and sound.
Centipede (471)
A super fast and fun classics centipede game. Fast, fun, and addicting shoot'em up game with nice fun graphics and sounds
Chinese Chess (3762)
A fun and challenging Chinese Chess game written in Java by Pham Hong Nguyen.
Cliffie (4624)
Help Cliffie to deliver his mail. Watch out for cars and nasty dogs.
Commando 2 (5480)
Defend the Allies from the scourge of Europe.
Crash Down (1219)
Clear the squares as quickly as you can.
Cube Buster (9395)
Clear the squares and become the quickest cube buster there is!
Defender of the Moon (3399)
Amazing graphics and all the action you could want! You are the commander of a tank on a desert moon. Aliens from Vraktu VII are attacking the base to steal it's energy... Defend the base!
Formula Fog (4906)
You get a choice of racing either Formula 1 cars or Nascars racing cars. The Game is 3D and The aim is to compete and round of laps before the computer controlled cars do.
Frogger (3503)
The aim of the game is to simply get Frogger onto the other side of the road....ALIVE!
Goopers (1212)
Welcome to the game of Goopers. Your Goal in this game is to survive the trive by getting more of your Goopers on the board then the other player before all of the spaces on the board are filled.
Javanoid (3327)
A great version of the classic "Break Out' game. Nice graphics and sounds. Highly addicting game.
Magic Balls (3945)
Group two or more balls of the same color to remove them.
Millionaire (120)
Yes, this is the computer game based on the popular TV game "Who wants to be a millionaire". Let see how you do when sitting on the "hot" chair.
Missile Command (4303)
Depend your city from in coming missile. Highly addicting arcade game with sound.
Muay Thai (1206)
Muay Thai is an art of fighting that originates from Thailand. It is sometimes referred to as the science of 8 limbs since it includes the use of punches, kicks, knees and elbows.
Nibbly (3330)
A classic Commodor64 game. Try to collect all apples and don't eat your tail!
Pac Man (751)
One of the most popular games from Atari in the 80's
Ping Pong (4085)
A nice making of a 3D effect table tennis (ping pong) game. Virtually play and perfect your skills against three of the top names in world of table tennis....
Pong (6990)
A Java game by Jimmy Hui
Pool (1179)
Test your pool skill with this cool graphic pool game
Seven Seas (3980)
Fire broadsides, sink pirates, and dodge sea serpents in this exciting test of skill.
Shanghai MahJong (8077)
A classic Mahjong solitaire game! Clear the board of stones by finding all the matching pairs.
Snake (4597)
Another snake game with interesting sound and graphics.
Snake (3936)
Nice graphics and sounds.
Snowboarder X (4872)
Test you snowboarding skill in this Amazing 3D snowboarding game.
Space Invaders (4324)
One of the popular Arcade games in the late 80's to 90's
Stress Relief Paintball (1302)
Simply shoot the smiley faces that roll around the office.
Super Gem Drop (1224)
Drop gems and create clusters of three or more to make them disappear. Great graphics. Very popular PC games and a tthe coffee shops.
Tail Gunner (1217)
Just aim and shoot at will. The game is better with the volume turn on.
Tennis Ace (3779)
This is a cool tennis game. The graphics are nice and the controls are easy to master giving you more control than other tennis games. Great tennis game!
Tetris (1214)
A colorful high quality graphic games with sound. See if you can enter your name in the high score list.
Tic Tac Toe (788)
You can play against the computer or against another person. It's very fun.
War on Terrorism II (4660)
The sequel to the great game War on Terror. Your aim is to shoot the opposing forces before they shoot you. You have three weapons to choose from. Excellent game!
Wheelers (513)
Super bike racing on 4 different tracks based in Scotland, Florida, Switzerland and Mexico.
Wild Wild West (1130)
At early morning hours yesterday the ill-famed gang of "Don Chuan Chanceze Coyote Peppe" alias "Shorty" again assaulted the mayor of the lil quiet town of Susieville and Killed it's Sheriff. As the Deputy is too much of a chicken to take over, I guess it'
Word Puzzle (3681)
This is the computer version of the popular TV game "Wheel of the fortune". Nice graphics

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