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According to Vietnamese legends, the History of Vietnam dates back more than 4,000 years. The only reliable sources, however, indicated the Vietnamese or their country`s history roughly dates to 2700 years ago. For most of the period from 111 BC to early 10th century, it was under the direct rule of successive dynasties from China. Vietnam regained independence in 939 AD, and complete autonomy a century later. While for much of its history, Vietnam remained a vassal state to the much larger China, it defeated three Mongolian attempts of invasion during the Yuan Dynasty, when China was under Mongolian rule. But ruler at the time, King Tran Nhân Tông, would eventually submit as a vassal of the Yuan Dynasty, or face an actual full scale invasion. The independent period ended in mid-19th century, when the country was colonized by France. During WWII, Japan occupied Vietnam. After the war, France attempted to re-establish control but ultimately failed. The Geneva Accords partitioned the country in two with a promise of election to reunite the country. The promised election never took place. During the Vietnam War, or the "American War" as now referred by the Vietnamese, the North was supported by the People`s Republic of China and the Soviet Union, while the South was supported by the United States. After millions of Vietnamese deaths, the war ended with the American withdrawal from Vietnam in March 1973 and the capture of Saigon by the North in April 1975. The next 10 years of independence for Vietnam is mired by poverty, political repression at home, and economic isolation abroad. In 1986, the Communist Party of Vietnam changed its economic policy and started to adopt capitalism. This has lead to robust economic growth, a rising middle class and gradual lessening of political repression.Xem tiếp...


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